Theresa Anne Retief

"My name is Theresa Anne Retief a third year student social worker at the University of Western Cape in the year of 2018. I was privileged to experience having Mrs Poggenpoel as a supervisor which was a positive experience for me as her service provided me with the understanding to accept and appreciate my place in the social work profession and also in my academic career and also my role in the world regarding my personal journey. Mrs Poggenpoel is fantastic at what she does, I believe she is a rockstar as I have gained much in the short time that I had Mrs Poggenpoel as my supervisor especially gaining the ability to remain calm in situations that we can not control and to do our job as social works to the best of our abilities in order for us to best serve our clients. It will be a pleasure to work with you in the future. May ELOHIM bless and guide your journey."