Our Private Practice

Arnon & Gila practitioners (AGP) operates in the helping; and health and wellness industry. Emile and Leticia registered AGP in 2012 and in 2018 the venture culminated to combine two passions (helping people and photography) into one.

AGP offer a variety of quality psycho-social interventions parallel with their sublime photographic services to clients wishing to preserve precious memories or merely for giving time spent with loved ones priceless value. Some of their services include marriage enrichment, marriage therapy, stress management, health and wellness intervention, professional supervision, family portraiture, couples portraiture, special and corporate event photography, and much more.

Emile & Leticia are qualified therapist with clinical honors and masters level social work qualifications. AGP is dedicated to righteousness [i.e. tzedeq-Making the right decisions for our clients at the right time], divinely inspired decision-making [i.e. mishpat- actions that benefit the goals of our clients], covenant faithfulness, kindness, and mercy [i.e. chesed- esteeming our relationships with clients] and steadfastness {emet- consistency and perseverance in a mutual approach].

The business trades as a registered company which is considered to be 100% black owned under the new codes of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and therefore qualifies as a Level 3 Exempt Micro Enterprise. We create implementation plans and costing that is tailored to our client’s needs. Understanding our client’s needs is very important to us and this is why assessments are done upon initial contact, which helps with hourly and package costing.

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Private Practice

Our Vision

Client systems that learn, grow and move. Educating clients on their needs leads to action that establishes growth and once individuals and organizations grow, movement is inevitable.

Our Mission

A sanctuary that promotes righteousness, covenant faithfulness, divinely inspired decision making, kindness, mercy and steadfastness.